Why you should consider a videographer for your wedding - Anam Cara Weddings

When you think about a reality show, families and events captured by cameras all around, it's safe to say one would think every move and sound is captured. While this may sound a bit unappealing for every day life, let's look at it from the perspective of one BIG day you'll never forget.

1. You can watch the video as much as you want.
Getting your full and complete album from your photographer is an event worthy of celebrating on it's own. A video- can be watched again and again. With friends, with family, with each other. You'll be able to hear the sounds of love, laughter and celebration for years to come. 

2. Irreplaceable moments and people will be captured.
It will show moments you didn't get to see...The groom taking a deep breath to shake the nerves before you walk down the isle. The flower girl making faces at your favorite aunt. Your dad, as strong as he is, wiping tears away when no one is looking. 

3. The right photographer has a videography package
A jack of all trades usually is a red flag. But when it comes to visual arts, a photographer with videography packages included on their website, or a la carte for you is a good idea to dig into. Videography can be added at a cheaper cost instead of if you hired two separate vendors for each task. 

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