Veils styles

Single tier:
One layer of tulle attached to a metal comb.

Two tier:
Two layers on one comb.

Separate blusher:
Single layer, plus additional shorter layer worn together but on separate combs. Blusher to be removed after ceremony, keeping the single tier on for photos.

Drop style:
Blusher and single tier are all one piece to fully surround the head, face, and body. A metal comb is sewn into the top/center of the veil. Front/ blusher part is then folded back to look like a second layer.

Traditional style in Spain as well as other Hispanic and Latin cultures. Oval shaped veil fully trimmed with lace, traditionally wide and delicate style. Worn on top of the head like a headband, with the train draping behind. Can be with on without comb and pinned into place. 

Juliet cap:
Romeo, Oh, Romeo!! Worn on top of the head like a mantilla, but gathered on the sides and embellished with rhinestone trim or lace appliqués. Vintage style.

Two decorative clips, one on either side of the back of the head/ hair. Drapes in a U-shape in the back. Commonly chapel or cathedral length only.

Fullness & widths
Wide width tulle + shorter length = POOFY!
Normal width tulle + longer length = wind in the sails!

Pictured: drop style (fold over two-tier)

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