Real Life Superhero - Jamie & Brian 9.2020

The Story:

It's a long one. Jamie and Brian are a blended family of loving parents, and two hard working individuals. Jamie- the glue of the household (also happens to be a stunning bride)- is a night shift NICU nurse at her local hospital. So when she's not taking care of babies, she's raising their own 3 kids, 2 mastiff dogs, and some how just started sharing her hidden talent with the world: making the most amazing custom cakes! I'm talking Pinterest worthy, jaw dropping character and realistic theme cakes. If you're wondering when she finds time to sleep, I'm with you. (Update to add link coming soon)

Jamie also found the time to stick it to COVID, grab a few friends and family members, and plan, set up, and finally have her wedding this past September- after unforeseen events putting it off twice before.

To Jamie and all essential workers, nurses, moms- thank you for all you do.

You are real life superheroes.  


Veil pictured: Our Elsa lace trim veil in fingertip length


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