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Every wedding industry pro knows that the most popular time of the year for engagements, and only growing in popularity for wedding dates! In the era of Covid, there's never been a better time to master the selfie. Here's how you can create your own photos with a few simple things you probably already have.

1. An iPhone or DSLR Camera
Let's be real here, the iPhone does the same thing every release. The camera has always been top notch and a strong selling point to upgrade. Even the iPhone 11 comes with a 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi and the ability to take pictures in low light or even fully dark settings. This helps eliminate the grainy look from your photos, which sets apart the cell phone vs camera quality look of a picture. 


2. A phone or camera tri pod 
Generally easy to find and inexpensive, but if you cant find one like this one below, a stack of books or a table will do. Just keep enough space between you and the camera at eye level. This one is able to stand, hold and be turned in directions to simulate someone actually taking your photo. Think overhead shots! 

(Source: Amazon; )


3. Timer or wireless remote
Every iPhone and DSLR camera comes with a varying setting timer. Anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds. If you'd like your shots to look a little more candid and less 'we paused waiting for the shutter timer to beep', go with a bluetooth linked wireless remote for DSLR cameras. One person can easily hide it in the palm of their hand, behind your back in an embrace and trigger the shutter effortlessly.


4. Backdrop, blank wall, or naturally decorative setting in your home (like the Christmas Tree)
The already decorated Christmas tree serves as not only a beautiful decorative piece but also the perfect backdrop for your engagement announcement photos. If you decide to use a blank wall, background editing and adding is a breeze. 


5. Ring light or natural lighting 
Ring lights have become a necessity for at home filming, photos, and zooming taking our look to the next level. (Bye under eye bags) Don't have one? Turn all the lights out and plug in the tree for a sparkling silhouette shot. Or with placement near windows with plenty of natural light, create the a perfectly lit set with limited effort editing. 

(Source: Amazon; ) 


6. Edit with Lightroom App
A trick of instagram influencers and mom bloggers alike, Lightroom (and presets) are the easiest and most effective way to brighten and add your personal style or festive mood to your photos. Lightroom is free, and user friendly. Presets like the ones from will cost about $12, but you get a lot for your dollar and the ease of use is well worth it.


7. Remember the rule of thirds
3, 6, 9. The iPhone (and cameras) come with an optional grid setting for your ease of photography (among other things). Keeping your subject in a section of thirds changes the feeling of the photo and generally helps the look and overall feeling of the photo. For softer candid shots, keep it in the right third. Straight on for the portrait/ headshot style, and so forth. Wherever you want the viewers eye to be drawn, that's where the center third (left, right, or middle) should be. 

(source: wikipedia;


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